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Board of Servant Leaders

Strategic Planning Team Proposal 2016

Royal Redeemer Lutheran Church

In December, 2015, Royal Redeemer's Board of Servant Leaders commissioned a Strategic Planning (STRAP) Team to study the congregation and make recommendations for a three year ministry plan, including both ministry goals and ministry resources.  The Board provided three overall goals to guide the work of the team:

  • Strengthen our relationship with God
  • Increase member involvement
  • Make the best use of ministry resources, particularly our organizational structure and staffing


1.    Demographic information collected by MissionInsite tells us our community (5 mi. radius) is projected to continue growing over the next ten years.  Primary growth will be among empty nest & seniors, age 50+.  Royal Redeemer generally reflects the demographics of the surrounding community, with the exceptions of a lower percentage of seniors age 65+ and young adults age 19-35.

2.    In the last five years, Royal Redeemer has taken steps to grow our ministry impact by hiring additional staff and expanding our building.  We have adjusted to these changes and plateaued at just over 300 people in three weekly worship services.

3.    Our growth has impacted the culture of Royal Redeemer.  While there are more people among us and new ministries continue to emerge, general observation is that people are 1) less connected with one another than we used to be, and 2) less engaged in spiritual growth and service.


Major Proposal 1 is that RR focus its ministries into 4 broad groupings, or “Pillars”, 1) Worship, 2) Care & Fellowship, 3) Missions/Outreach, and 4) Spiritual Formation, and set the long term goal of having a dedicated staff person leading each area.  Click HERE to see a diagram.

Major Proposal 2 is that RR develop new and existing communities of people as a vehicle for growth in discipleship to provide the foundation underpinning the ministry pillars.  These expanding Connect-Grow-Serve (CGS) Communities will provide the engine of growth for our ministry and execution of our Mission.

Major Proposal 3 is that RR continue to strengthen existing ministries, including organizing those ministries under the four pillars for more effective administrative and spiritual support. In particular, providing Pastor a structure where his time can be more focused in planning and executing the growth of the congregations’ spiritual needs.

Summary of supporting recommendations:

  • Maintain current worship formats
  • Maintain and grow Christian education programs/classes
  • Strengthen the new member assimilation process.
  • Improve communication throughout the congregation.
  • Make required organizational structure and personnel modifications to more clearly define leaders' roles and responsibilities to assist them in successfully carrying out their critical roles.


Board of Servant Leaders

Board of Servant Leaders

Royal Redeemer Lutheran Church

The Board of Servant Leaders is made up of seven members elected by the congregation to work with the Senior Pastor to provide overall organizational leadership.  The Board acts as the representative of the congregation in defining the goals of the church and monitoring progress toward these goals.  

The Board oversees the work of the Senior Pastor, defines limitaions (through policies) on how goals are pursued, and hosts an annual congregational meeting where an annual budget is presented to the congregation for approval.   The Board also assists with leadership in areas of ministry support (Finances, Property, and Human Resources). 


2016-17 Board of Servant Leaders

Ike Turain, Greg Card,  Kim McMillan, David Ballenger, Tim Kelker, Eve Zerler, Jeff Lunsford


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