New Life in Christ

Royal Redeemer Lutheran Church

Go, therefore, and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.  Matthew 28:19

Sac BaptismWho can be baptized at Royal Redeemer?
Any person of any age who desires baptism is welcome.  It is recommended that parents who bring their children are familiar with the congregation community and intend to continue nurturing their children through worship, study, and fellowship among us. Adults of high school age or older are expected to go through instruction in the Christian faith before baptism.

What is baptism?
For us, baptism is a sacrament, a sacred act instituted by God wherein He adopts us as His own children as He cleanses us from sin, comes to live in us by His Spirit, and thereby gives us life that goes on forever connected with Him and with one another.  In John 3:5, Jesus speaks of the necessity of being born “of water and the Spirit” in order to enter the kingdom of God. Click HERE for more information on the sacrament of baptism.

Who are Godparents?
Godparents are ideally people you entrust to support you in nurturing your child in the Christian faith, and to assure that kind of nurture continues in the event that you cannot, for whatever reason, provide it. They make a commitment to this during the baptismal ceremony. Witnesses are people who do not necessarily share the Christian faith, who participate in the baptism simply as witnesses of the event.

We recommend that you prayerfully choose godparents with your child’s spiritual well-being in mind, rather than the politics of family or friendships. When you ask, be clear about your expectations.

How do I schedule and prepare for a baptism?

  1. Schedule the date  Contact the church office by calling 513-779-4740 or using our Contact Us page to send us an email. Baptisms are normally performed during weekend worship, at non communion services (first and third weekends of the month at 5:30 Sat. & 10:30 Sun., second and fourth weekends at 9:00 Sun.).  The date must be cleared on the church calendar at least one month in advance.
  2. Schedule a time to meet with the baptizing pastor.  You may do this at the same time you schedule the baptism date.  These meetings usually last 20-30 minutes.  Please be sure to meet with the Pastor at least one week before the baptism.
  3. Submit a baptism application to the Church Office.  Click HERE for a Baptism Application or HERE to submit an online application.
  4. Watch a 6-minute video, giving you an overview of a Lutheran understanding of Christian baptism.  VIDEO
  5. Bring questions you may have to the meeting with the Pastor.



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