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Royal Redeemer Lutheran Church

Christmas Eve Worship
4pm Candlelight Worship Service – the 4:00pm service is a great option if you would like to avoid driving at night or have dinner plans.  We are celebrating with traditional carols, candlelight Silent Night, and a Children’s Message.
6pm Contemporary Candlelight Worship Service – This is a great option if you enjoy contemporary instruments with traditional carols!  We are celebrating with special music, candlelight Silent Night and a Children’s Message.
8pm Candlelight Service of Carols and Readings (live streamed) – the 8:00pm service is a great option after dinner or for those who love to hear the scriptures read and sing the traditional carols.  We are celebrating with special music, scripture readings, and candlelight Silent Night.  

For those who are hoping to participate as online worshipers, we are happy to 
live-stream our 8:00pm service.  We apologize for the audio going out last weekend; the issue has been resolved.

Christmas Day Worship
One Service @ 10:00am 
(live streamed) – We typically do not have worship on Christmas Day, but it’s Sunday and we cannot miss a chance to celebrate the birth of Jesus on a Resurrection Day!  Join us for special music, traditional carols, a special Christmas reading of The Tale of Three Trees, and Holy Communion.

We are happy to have this special Christmas Day service 
live-streamed as well for those who hope to participate as online worshipers.

Questions??? Please contact a ministry leader or email us at [email protected]