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Royal Redeemer Lutheran Church

Royal Redeemer

Child & Student Ministries

Royal Redeemer Lutheran Church invites children to Scuba VBS: Diving Into Friendship with God!
Spark Sunday School is a high-energy event designed to be fun, to build friendships, and to grow in faith as children experience the love of God in Jesus.
Royal Redeemer has developed a comprehensive Confirmation Program based on a three-part model (learning, serving, playing) for students in Grades 7 & 8 that prepares them to affirm their baptism and make a lifelong commitment to their faith.
Blaze invites students in Grades 9-12 to integrate the faith they have learned with the questions and challenges of life in a rapidly changing culture -- all in a safe, judgment-free environment where friendships grow.
IGNITE 56 offers a small group/large group ministry system that invites pre-teens to deepen their faith foundation in God’s Word while forming positive friendships in a fun and interactive setting.